Transfers / postings of officers of Postal Service Group ‘B’ cadre.

Transfers / postings of officers of Postal Service Group ‘B’ cadre.


No. 9-14/2018-SPG-II

Government of India

Ministry of Communications

Department of Posts

(Personnel Division)

Dak Bhavan, Sansad Marg,

New Delhi – 110 001

Dated : 27.05.2020.


Sub: Transfers / postings of officers of Postal Service Group ‘B’ cadre.

Approval of the Competent Authority is hereby conveyed for transfer/posting of the following officers of Postal Service Group B’ cadre:

SL. No. Name of the officer (S/Shri) Date of Birth Present Circle of posting Recommended Circle of posting
1. Sh. Devashish Goswami 01.06.78 West Bengal Assam
2. Sh. Abdul Jalil Talukdar 01.03.68 North East Assam
3. Sh. Ashutosh Narayan Rao 15.08.81 Assam Bihar
4. Shri Siddheshwar Kumar 18.07.65 Delhi Bihar
5. Sh. Rajiv Kumar 01.03.77 UP Bihar
6. Sh. Ramnivas Kumar 30.11.80 UP Bihar
7. Sh. Amit Kumar Singh 01.02.72 Delhi Chattisgarh
8. Shri Virendra Singh 03.12.70 Haryana Delhi
9. Shri Ajay Kumar 25.01.75 Haryana Delhi
10. Shri Bal Kishan 30.06.69 UP Delhi
11. Shri Arun Gael 28.04.79 PTC, Saharanpur Haryana
12. Shri Vijay Kumar 12.06.75 Delhi Haryana
13. Shri Vikas Mainwal 12.12.75 Delhi Haryana
14. Sh. Sanjay Kumar 16.02.77 Delhi Haryana
15. Sh. Tilak Raj 05.03.76 UP Haryana
16. Sh. Harish Kumar 04.02.77 UP Haryana
17. Sh. Tilak Raj 17.01.74 Punjab Himachal Pradesh
18. Sh. G. Harish 08.11.67 Maharashtra Karnataka
19. Sh. C. S. Prakasha 25.05.68 Maharashtra Karnataka
20. Smt M. Anjana 06.09.76 Tamil Nadu Kerala
21. Sh. Nandkumar S. 27.02.72 Karnataka Kerala
22. Sh. Joymon CI 20.05.71 Karnataka Kerala
23. Smt. K. Geetha 01.01.73 Tamil Nadu Kerala
24. Sh. Jaipal Singh Rajput 01.12.71 Gujarat Madhya
25. Sh.Ratnakar M. Topare 11.11.72 Gujarat Maharashtra
26. Sh. MrutyunjayBera 19.06.71 West Bengal Odisha
27. Sh. Jitender Kapoor 18.03.73 Punjab Rajasthan
28. Sh. Sita Ram Khatri 08.07.73 Haryana Rajasthan
29. Sh. Manohar Lai Peepliwal 05.08.71 Haryana Rajasthan
30. Smt. M. Latha 30.07.72 Karnataka Tamil Nadu
31. Sh. A Kamal Basha 05.07.72 Maharashtra Tamil Nadu
32. Sh. V. Paramasivam 01.06.67 Kerala Tamil Nadu
33. Smt. G.S. Sujatha 19.12.77 Karnataka Tamil Nadu
34. Sh. K Siva Shankar 10.06.81 Assam Tamil Nadu
35. Sh. K Narender Babu 09.11.74 Maharashtra Telangana
36. Sh. Manoj Kumar Srivastava 05.03.73 Delhi Uttar Pradesh
37. Sh. Rajan 28.06.74 Bihar Uttar Pradesh
38. Sh. Manoj Kumar Arora 20.11.68 Delhi Uttar Pradesh
39. Sh. Jitendra Singh 10.09.74 Bihar Uttar Pradesh
40. Sh. Pravat Banerjee 20.07.73 Odisha West Bengal
41. Sh. Saroj Nembang 21.09.74 Assam West Bengal
2.        Further, the Competent Authority has also approved transfer taking into account of the medical condition of the following officers in relaxation under para 3 of DoP Order No. 9-23/2014SPG dated 25.02.2020
SL. No. Name of the officer (S/Shri) Date of Birth Present Circle of posting Recommended Circle of posting Remarks
1. Shri N V Satyanarayan Raju 30.08.69 Telangana Andhra Pradesh Medical ground of son
2. Sh. Dinesh Chand Sharma 03.02.64 U.P. Delhi Own Medical ground


3.     Benefit of TA/TP, joining time etc. will not be permissible to the officers, since they have not completed the Circle tenure of 3 years.

4.      Relevant charge report will be sent to concerned all in due course.

(Vinayak Mishra)

Assistant Director General (SPG)

No. 9-14/2018-SPG-II

Copy to:

  1. Sr. PPS to Secretary (Posts)/ Sr. PPS to Director General Postal Services
  2. PPS/PS to Addl. DG (Coordination)/ Members (Banking) Member  (O)/ Member (P)/ Member (Planning & HRD)/ Member (PLI)/ Member (Tech.)
  3. All Chief Postmasters General
  4. Chief General Manager, BD Directorate/ Parcel Directorate /PLI Directorate
  5. Sr. Deputy Director General (Vigilance) & CVO
  6. Director, RAKNPA/ GM (CEPT)/ Directors of all PTCs
  7. Addl. Director General, Army Postal Services, New Delhi
  8. All Deputy Directors General
  9. All General Managers (Finance) , Directors Postal Accounts/ DDAP
  10. GM, CEPT for uploading the order on the India Post website
  11. Guard File
  12. Spare copies

(Vinayak Mishra)

Assistant Director General (SPG)

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