Promotion / Postings Order of PS Group B Officers – Delhi Circle




Memo No : Staff/01-03/2019/DA-1
Dated at New Delhi  29.05.2020


         In pursuance of Directorate order No. 9-14/2018-SPG-II  dated  27.05.20, the Competent Authority has ordered that following officers may be relieved immediate / to their allotted Circle:-

SL. No Name of the officer Present posting Allotted Circle
(i) Shri Amit Kumar Singh Senior Postmaster, Sarojani Nagar HO / AD (IT, PMU & FS) Dekhi Circle (Designated) Chattisgarh Circle
(ii) Shri Vijay Kumar AD (Staff & Vig.), Delhi Circle Haryana Circle
(iii) Shri Manoj Kumar Srivastava AD (BD), Delhi Circle Uttar Pradresh Circle
(iv) Shri Sidheshwar Kumar Dy CPM (Dely), Delhi GPO Bihar Circle
(v) Shri Vikas Mainwal AD (PC), Delhi Circle Haryana Circle
(vi) Shri Manoj Kumar Arora Supdt (Sig) Delhi Stg Uttar Pradesh Circle
(vii) Shri Sanjay Kumar Senior Postmaster, Sansad Marg HO, New Delhi Haryana Circle



2.        The Competent Authority has ordered the following transfer and posting of Postal Service Group ‘B’ Cadre with immediate effect in the interest of service :-

SL. No. Name of the officer Present posting New place of posting Remarks
(i) Shri Virendra Singh Haryana Circle Senior Postmaster, Sansad Marg HO , New Delhi Vice Shri Sanjay Kumar transferred to haryana Circle
(ii) Shri Ajay Kumar Haryana Circle AD (IT) ,Delhi Circle Vacant post
(iii) Shri Bal Kishan UP Circle AD (Dly.), ND GPO Against vacant post
(iv) Shri Dinesh Chand Sharma UP Circle AD(QS), Delhi Circle (i)  APMG (QS) post is temporary downgraded to AD (QS).

(ii)  Vice Ms. Anubrata Das on Maternity leave.

(v) Shri Kajod Mal Meena Supdt., PSD, Delhi Circle Supdt., CSD, Delhi Circle Vice Shri P.C Sharma transferred
(vi) Shri Pawan Kumar Bhatla AD(PO), Delhi Circle AD (Staff & Vig.), Delhi Circle Vice Shri Vijay Kumar transferred to Haryana Circle
(vii) Shri Hemant Kumar AD (MO), Delhi Circle / Supdt., CSD, Delhi Circle (Designate) Dy CPM (Del y), Delhi GPO Vice Shri Siddheshwar Kumar transferred to Bihar Circle



3.       The Competent Authority is pleased to promote the following officer of ASP Cadre in PS Group ‘B’ cadre on purely temporary & adhoc basis and post him as under in the Level-9 (Rs.53,100 – Rs.1,67,800) of Pay Matrix upto 30.04.2021 or till regular incumbent joins or till further  Orders whichever is earlier:-

Sl No. Name of the officer Present posting Place of posting on Adhoc Promotion Remarks
(i) Shri V.S Duhoon Senior Postmaster,

Lodhi Road HO, New Delhi

AD (PO), Delhi Circle Adhoc Promotion Vice Shri Pawan Kumar Bhatla transferred
(ii) Shri V.B. Yadav ADM (PLI), Delhi Circle / AD (Dly.), ND GPO (Desugnate) AD(PC), Delhi Circle Adhoc Promotion Vice Shri Vikas Mainwal transferred to Haryana Circle
(iii) Shri Indresh Kumar Verma ASP(2nd Sub Dn.), Delhi East Dn./ AD (QS)

Delhi Circle (Designate)

AD (PG), Delhi Circle Adhoc Promotion against vacant post
(iv) Shri Virender Kumar ASP (HQ-I ), Delhi North Dn. Senior Postmaster, Lodhi Road HO, New Delhi Adhoc Promotion Vice V.S. Duhoon transferred
(v) Shri Kamaljeet SAS-I, MO Section, Delhi Circle AD(BD), Delhi Circle Adhoc Promotion vice Shri

Manoj Kumar Srivastava transferred UP Circle

(vi) Shri Desh Raj-III ASRM (RMS Bhawan L&R),Delhi Stg. Dn. Supdt (Stg) Delhi Stg. Dn. Adhoc Promotion Vice Shri Manoj Kumar Arora transferred to UP Circle


4.       The promotion of the above noted ASPs in PS Group 13′ cadre is on purely temporary and adhoc basis which will not confer on him any right to claim seniority or regular absorption in the grade. He will be reverted to his parent cadre at any time without prior notice or assigning any reason. The arrangement will automatically stands terminated on 30.04.2021 or on assumption of charge by any regular incumbent or further order and in case no:formal orders of reversion are issued.

5.       Benefit of TA/TP, joining time etc. will not be permissible to the officers.

6.       The officer who wishes to give option for choosing date for fixation of pay under FR-21(a)(1) should do so within one month from the date of assumption of charge.

7.       In case any vigilance/ disciplinary case is pending/ contemplated, the. other; may not be promoted and matter may be refereed to this office for further action

8.       Relevant Charge Reports be sent to all concerned

Asstt. Director (Staff & Vig.)

Copy To :-

  1.   Deputy Director General (SPG), Department of posts, Dak Bhawan, New Delhi 110001 for information.
  2.   The Chief Postmaster General, Chattishgarh/Haryana/Uttar Pradesh/Bihar Circle.
  3.   GM (Finance), Delhi / Patna(Bihar) / Raipur (Chattishgarh) / lucknow (UP) / Ambala (Haryana).
  4.   All Heads of Units in Delhi Circle.
  5.   All Group Officers in Circle Office.
  6.   Sr. PS to CPMG/PS to PMG(O)/PMG(M&BD) / DPS (M&BD), Circle Offie.
  7.   All Union Secretaries of the recognized Unions/ Associations.


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