PMJBY/PMSBY Failure reports.

Subject: PMJBY/PMSBY Failure reports

Dear Sir/Madam,

This is regarding PMJJBY/PMSBY auto renewals. Batch jobs for renewal of PMJJBY/PMSBY policies are under execution.

Policy will be not renewed in the following cases:

If there is no sufficient balance in customer’s account
If the age of the customer is beyond the permitted age for the policy (SBY – 70 years and JB – 55 years)
If the linked SB account is frozen
​If the linked SB account is closed

Only the active policies (policies that are having expiry date as 31/05/2020) will be taken up for auto-renewal.

Kindly find attached AUTO RENEWAL BATCH JOB FAILURE REPORTS. CPCs are requested to kindly share the failure reports of JBY / SBY auto-renewal batch jobs to SOLs for intimating to customers on complaints. POs are requested to kindly unfreeze accounts if the account is genuine and verified for auto renewals to happen before 01/06/2020. POs can freeze the account after auto renewal if required. For accounts having insufficient balance, if the customer deposits , accounts will get renewed through auto renewals batch jobs.

Auto renewal status can be inquired through CPMY menu. Manual renewal can be done from 02/06/2020 only.

Daily report will be shared to CPCs for circulation to POs .

Thanks and Regards

Gopinath S

Inspector Posts

Data Migration Command Centre(CBS)

Chennai 600 002


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