How to Use C1920 Report Code in SSA Account.

Solution of Discontinued SSA accounts in Finacle.

1. Check for SSA account status. If it is discontinued, then you have to change the report code. 
( सबसे पहले उस अकाउंट का स्टेटस देखें। यदि वह बंद है तो आपको रिपोर्ट कोड बदलना होगा )

2. Delete the existing report code which is CONTR and click the lens aside of the field. 
(पहले से लिखे हुए रिपोर्ट कोड CONTR को डिलीट करें और बाहर क्लिक करें )

3. Choose C1920 report code
(अब C1920 रिपोर्ट कोड डालें )

4. Then give the amount and click submit. 
(अब अमाउंट डाले और सबमिट करें )

That’s it. 

If penalty is shown please note it in voucher and collect cash accordingly.

Note : The Above Changes made for doing Previous year deposit in current Financial Year in View COVID19 issue. The same will not applicable in normal course.

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