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Request to remove report restriction in DOP Finacle || 5 Reports per 60 Minutes Creating new Stress during COVID19 outbreak

It is repeatedly requesting through Postal Blog on behalf of Post Employees that the reports generation in Finacle creating mental stress to the Postal Employees who are working under essential service sector. 

Creation of Finacle Report will create separate work load and take much time to complete the day to day work and unnecessarily waiting in the office only for generating Report.

 At Present Limitation > 5 Reports per 60 Minutes per User.

Circle and CHQ Union Members are busy with requesting special CL, Exceptional for PwD Person from Roaster, Implementation of Roaster in All Offices and supplying/arrange to supply preventive items to all the union members. Hence, there is no time to ask the directorate to settle the unnecessary limitations even after completion of Financial Year 2019-2020.

Hence, all postal employees are kindly requested to remove the restrictions in DOP Finacle Report Generation or set the limitation as 15 per User for very helpful in the Outbreak Situation. Moreover the Finacle Server is also working normal so as removing of limitation will not affect the performance of the server.

All are awaited with positive response. Thank You.
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