Regarding submission of authorization letters of members to service associations during April 2020

Ref No.: 15/FNPO/covid-19/2020                      Dated: 10th April 2020

The Secretary,
Department of Posts,
Dak Bhawan,
New Delhi-110 001.

Sub:  Regarding submission of authorization letters of members to service
         associations during April 2020

In accordance with CCS (RSA) Rules, 1993, option, if any for alteration, withdrawal or inclusion of new members is to be exercised in the month of April every year to DDO or any other designated authority which will be made effective from the month of July that year. Thus, the office bearers of Service associations are required to submit the authorization letters if any in respective divisions during the current month.

The country is under total lock down it is not possible for the office bearers to move one place to other and obtain the authorization forms and submit. Even it is not possible to visit the divisional office to submit the forms. Thus, it is practically not possible to complete this process during this month due to the prevailing conditions in the country.
Therefore, it is requested to consider this as a special case due to COVID-19 and the time to submit the authorization forms is required to be extended.

Hence it is requested to issue necessary instructions of according permission to submit the authorization forms after the Lock down is lifted or normalcy is restored in the country.

This is a very important issue and the federation requests for immediate directions in this regard.

Yours sincerely,


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