Recover and Upload Salary in SAP Payroll || Donation of one day’s salary to PM CARES fund

This is regarding donation of one day’s salary to PM CARES fund as per the Dte letter z-92011/25/2020-Coord./O and M dated 07th April 2020.
In this regard, please follow the procedure mentioned below for guidance.
Calculate one day salary (Basic + DA)/30 and prepare excel sheet and sum up the total amount headwise.
Prepare cheque for the total amount.
Voucher posting: Salary (Basic/ DA) GL Headwise (40) Dr and one time vendor (31). (Name this as PM Cares fund, for reference) Cr
  • Upload the excel sheet in Infotype 15 “Basic pay/ DA” deducted as negative amount
  • This will recover the amount from the salary and also post the amount under correct salary head.
  • Upload the excel sheet in Infotype 0585 under donation ‘PM Relief fund’
  • This will exempt the amount too, for tax purpose.
  • Upload the excel sheet in Infotype 0014 under 54V1 for the one day salary deducted.


Total Salary (Basic+ DA for the m/o April) : X
One day salary: Y
Net payable salary for April: X-Y
Under IT015: -Y
Exemption under IT0585: Y
Under IT0014/ 54V1: Y
This issues with the approval of Director, CEPT.
how to upload salary in SAP

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