NFPE Writes to the Department – High Handedness of officers of Lucknow (UP)

National Federation of Postal Employees
                      1st Floor North Avenue Post Office Building, New Delhi-110 001
  Phone: 011.23092771                                                e-mail:   Mob:9718686800/9319917295                           website:
   No. PF-Covid-19/2020                                                               Dated: 22.04.2020
The Secretary,
            Department of Posts,
            Dak Bhawan ,  
sNew Delhi-110 001
Subject: High Handedness of officers of  Lucknow (UP).
It has been brought to our notice that CPMG, Lucknow and SSPOs Lucknow have issued orders to call all staff on duty violating the instructions issued from Directorate, DOPT and MHA.
Arbitrarily orders issued without keeping in mind about protective and safety measurers and making safe arrangements for transportation. No passes were got issued from District Administration and this resulted a very serious incident with one of our Postal Employee.
One Shri Pankaj Kumar, Postal Assistant, High Court PO, Lucknow who was going to attend his duty according to the orders of SSPOs Lucknow, was beaten brutally by the Police and was not allowed to attend his duty. This incident was reported to SSPOs, Lucknow and other higher officers but it is highly pained that no action was taken by Postal Administration. The postal employees are being put in high danger Zone without providing any safety measurers .
It is therefore, requested to kindly look into the matter and cause necessary instructions to Lucknow Administration not to call all staff on duty daily as per instructions of Directorate  and provide them full security and safety and ask them to take up the matter with State Administration for taking action against Police Employees for their unruly behavior .
 An early action in the matter is solicited.
With  regards,
                                                                                                                               Yours Sincerely,
                                                                                                                       (R N  Parashar)
                                                                                                                Secretary Generals

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