CBS(Finacle) Instruction from DMCC, CEPT

Dear Sir/Madam
I am directed to convey the following
1. POs will be allowed to open only SBGEN and SBCHQ scheme code accounts as per latest GSPR.POs will.not be able to open accounts under other scheme codes like SBPEN , SBPWC and SBBAS.
2. CBS GL files for 31.03, 01.04 and 02.04 will get generated only on 03.04.2020. POs are requested not to raise tickets for non availability of CBS figures or non zeroing of POs cash GL.
3. From 01.04.2020 CBS grid offices are to follow new RSAO GL code. Detailed mail is being sent on this from PAF wing.
4. Cheque clearing office accounts in finacle which were earlier mapped to Drawings and Remittance have been mapped to new RSaO GL. Henceforth Grid Offices will only account Drawings and Remittance for CTS CBS related clearances.
This has approval for DDG FS sir.
Thank you
Gopinath S

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