Tirupur District Collector Order to close Sub Post Offices and BOs

அகில இந்திய அஞ்சல் ஊழியர் சங்கங்கள்
அஞ்சல் மூன்று , அஞ்சல் நான்கு , GDS NFPE
திருப்பூர் கோட்டக்கிளைகள்திருப்பூர்-641601

No.Staff/Dlgs                                                                           Date:25.03.2020
The District Collector,
Tirupur District,
Tirupur 641 604.
Respected Sir,
Sub:     Request to issue instructions to the Superintendent of Post Offices, Tirupur Division to open Head Post Office only with limited staff – Reg.
            The Government of India has imposed National Lockdown for 21 days from 24.03.2020 to avoid the spread of Corona Virus Vide Ministry of Home Affairs order no.40-3/2020-DM-I (A) dated 24.03.2020. As per Para 1 of Annexure I of the above said order, the postal service classified as “essential service” and exemption given to the post offices from lockdown. Hence our Postal Directorate has ordered to give minimum service to the public by opening of post offices with limited staff. But in contrary to that, many postal divisions in Tamilnadu Circle have ordered to open all the post offices. In Tirupur Postal Division also, oral order has been issued to open all the post offices and all postal  staffs are compelled to attend the duty by not even providing proper transportation facilities. Due to the mass curfew all over Tamilnadu, our postal staff are struggling to reach office to attend duty on compulsion by the administration due to non availability of public transportation.
            Sir, it is submitted that there is no mail transmission due to the absence of transport facility like Train/Bus etc. Further, ATM is provided with sufficient cash even in Post Office ATM also, there is no need to open all post offices for financial transactions.
            It is also submitted that most of the post office buildings are very small and counter halls do not have sufficient space. Hence the social distancing between the customer and staff is not a possible one. It is not at all possible to accommodate the customers with social distancing.  Further it is not possible to make special arrangement at all post office campus to take care of either the staff or customer when they feel ill suddenly. This might risk the life of both the staff and the customer. Also it is not possible to provide police security for issues like crowd management and other law order matter.
Hence, if all the Post offices are opened and inviting the crowd, instead of extending any service to the public, it will make disorder to the curfew promulgated and leading to wide spread of Corona, throughout the country even in a single day. Simply saying, all post offices would be made in to hubs for Corona Spread.
              By considering all the above facts and the risk of outbreak of spread of the deadly CORONA virus among the staff and public, our NFPE Postal Service Union, Tirupur Postal Division requests our Tirupur District Collector that necessary order may kindly be issued to open Head Post Office only with limited staff and to close all the remaining post offices in Tirupur District temporarily in the interest of serving the lives of the employees and general public. Also exemption may please be given for woman employees whose presence is needed for their family especially their children in the present situation and employees aged above 50 years/ employees suffering from medical diseases.
            Once again, I pray your good self, Sir, to kindly consider our request sympathetically and issue favourable orders please.
Date    : 27.03.2020                                                                               Yours faithfully,
Place   : Tirupur
Divisional Secretary,
Tirupur 641601
                                                                                                          Divisional Secretary,
    Tirupur 641601

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