Precautions for Aadhar Operators – Corona Virus

All Aadhaar operators must be available ..
 Since biometric is mandatory for Aadhaar, it is very sensitive to COVID19.  Therefore, there are some important precautions that we must keep in mind so that outbreaks of coronavirus can be avoided.
 1. Each operator should work at the center wearing a mask himself.
 2. If water is available at the center, make soap / lotion available and direct each person with Aadhaar work to wash their hands before taking biometric.
 3. After one person’s biometric is complete, make sure to clean the screen with a cloth, only then apply your / other person’s biometric. (It would be better if you can spend some amount and provide tissue paper)
 4. Do not touch your eyes, nose or mouth with your hands while working.
 5. If any person is seen suffering from cold, cough, sneezing at the center, then they should be asked to get Aadhaar related work done only after getting healthy.
 6. Let everyone with Aadhaar work to wash their hands after completion of work.
 7. After stopping the work of Aadhaar, definitely wash your hands with soap / lotion.
 7. Do not let unnecessary crowd gather at the center.
 8. If you are also perfectly healthy, then only work at the center.
 (Must share if there is any other suggestion)
 Continued in public interest with discretion.

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