Post Office Savings Bank (CBS) Manual Special Edition 2020 || SB/SC CBS Guide

Post Office Savings Bank (CBS) Manual Special Edition 2020 || Savings Bank /Savings Certificate CBS Guide

CBS) Manual Special Edition 2020

The undersigned is a retired Assistant Director (SB) from Financial Services Division of Postal Directorate and wish to submit the following few lines on the subject cited above for your kind consideration:-

1. The undersigned has vast experience in compiling books on Small Savings Schemes for more than 8 years and was part of the journey of implementation of CBS/RICT(DARPAN) while in service. So far following books of the undersigned duly approved by the Department have been published on Small Savings Schemes :-

(i) Guide Book on Small Savings Schemes for GDS BPMs (not in stock now)

(ii) Compilation of POSB Manual Vol-I (currently merged in CBS Manual)

(iii) Compilation of POSB Manual Vol-II (currently merged in CBS Manual)

(iv) Compilation of POSB Manual Vol-III ( will be made available corrected upto March 2020 shortly)

(v) Hand Book on Government Small Savings Schemes (In Hindi and English) (not in stock now)

2. In 2018, first edition of “Compilation of POSB(CBS) Manual” corrected up to July 2018 was published which replaces POSB Manual Vol-I and II and was approved and circulated to all Heads of Circles by F.S.Division of Postal Directorate vide its letter No. 116-03/2011-SB dated 07.09.2018. Second Edition corrected till July 2019 was published in July 2019 and was circulated by Directorate to all circles vide letter No.116-03/2011-SB dated 14.10.2019.

3. It is further informed that on 12th December 2019, Ministry of Finance (DEA) notified new statutory rules 2019 of all the schemes. The Department circulated these new scheme rules as well as Government Savings Promotion Rules 2018 vide SB Order 13/2019 dated 18.12.2019. Detailed scheme wise changes in POSB(CBS) Manual were circulated by the Department vide SB Orders No. 4-11/2020 dated 14.2.2020.

4. As number of changes affect each and every savings scheme, the Author felt to publish Special Edition-2020 of this book for the sake of updating knowledge of various Postal Officers and officials which will help them in providing efficient service to the National Savings Scheme existing as well as prospective customers.

5. The current Secretary Posts has endorsed this edition by writing FOREWARD. This compilation will also be very useful for the inspecting officials/officers/trainers who can take help from the rules as well as guiding material at the time of conducting Inspections/Visits/Training.

6. It also includes Special Guidance Chapters, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), Guidance material for SBCO, Interest Rates for the last 5 years as well as Important SB Orders along with “Guidelines from Author” below important procedural rule specially included by the author/compiler being the Subject Matter Expert.

7. MRP of this edition is Rs.700/-+ Rs.50 as Postage/Freight but for any official order of not less than 9 books, this edition will be arranged @Rs.550/- including postage/freight. A Divisional Head can order 9 books directly which will cost Rs. 4950/- which is well within the financial power of a divisional head.

8. A divisional head can also order books more than 9 at a time and multiple bills can be arranged for Rs.4950/- each as per requirement. Copy of Cover Page, FOREWARD written by Secretary Pots, PREFACE of this edition and ORDER FORM are enclosed for ready reference.

9. it is requested to kindly place your division’s order (if not yet placed ) so that this SPECIAL EDITION -2020 may reach to each and every CBS Post Office which will help the staff working on CBS to enhance their knowledge and in their day to day work as it include Finacle Guidelines for each and every activity.

For any further inquiry or clarification, please feel free to reach me at:

Mob: 9899998054 (WhatsApp), 7011348220

CBS) Manual Special Edition 2020

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