National Curfew AIAPS Update Dated 25.03.2020

Dear Postmasters, supervisors and Members

As per the latest instructions of directorate dated 25.03.2020 all HPOs, Delivery SOs, BOs, some NDSO(as per discretion of CPMG) made operational.

In this juncture all willing official /roaster staffs may attend duty if necessary transportation provided/available. Others may submit their leave through email/letter.

At functional offices, we must claim thermal scanners at entrance of POs, gloves, masks, sanitizers, curfew passes etc., to all working staffs and hourly once disinfectant of entire POs to discharge our duties.

AIAPS CHQ also shall submit letter where these kind of safety measures are not supplied and reported to AIAPS CHQ. Even then if sufficient measures are not provided then AIAPS CHQ shall also go for intensified action after consultation with AIAPS CHQ.


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