Message from JCA, Tamilnadu Postal Circle

Dear Comrades, 

     Petitions were this day sent through whatsapp to many M.P.s of T.N. by many Circle Office bearers/Divisional Secretaries of NFPE regarding the unmindful ordering of the Department to open 1,55,000 Post offices in India, creating hub for spreading Corona virus, requesting them to take action directly with the Prime Minister to order for closure of the P.O.s totally. Some responded and replied immediately. 

 Tomorrow many planned to meet all the M.P.s in TN. in their respective constituencies and to appraise the situation. 

Also , by tomorrow morning both the Secretary Generals of NFPE & FNPO have proposed to meet the Secretary Posts and to pressure upon to issue orders for closing of P.O.s for social distancing. If not, they may even planning to give a call for Strike, which will be announced after discussions by tomorrow noon. Let us wait for good results.

Your Name,
The Superintendent of POs,
Respected Sir / Madam,
The spread of corona virus has assumed a preposition beyond imagination and our Hon’ble Prime Minister has addressed the nation not to venture out of home for coming 21 days from midnight of 24.03.2020.
The seriousness of the issue has turned critical necessitating me to think of my life and my family. There can not be anything essential more than my life and health, besides my social responsibility of curbing the pandemic boom. 
I, therefore, humbly intimate because of the forgoing reasons about my inability to come out of  home to attend office for 21 days from  25.03.20 and further, in total deference to GOVT OF INDIA curfew aimed to isolate every individual.
Kindly take note of Intimation and consider my this submission as a life saving process in the abnormal and unprecedented  situation prevailing in the country and not as an affront to any  authority in our Manuals.
Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,

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