Limitation in generation of Finacle Report in Post Offices || Kind Attention to Circle Union

Dear Friends,
limitations of finalce reports

        All aware that the generation of Finacle Report has been limited to 5 per 60 mins. It is not enough even in Head Offices where more than 3 three official working. The simple calculation is listed below for reference.

For generation of BO- SB,RD,SSA,TD SDP reports

  • LOT and Consolidation to be generated for each Scheme. Hence,

4 Schemes x 2 Nos = 8 Numbers

For Generation of SO Reports for SB, RD, SSA, PPF, MIS, SI Entries, TD, SCSS Schemes it would be

8 Schemes x 2Nos=16 Numbers

Totally, 24 reports is required for the minimum transaction done in an office in minimum number of schemes. In Single handed Office, at least 20 reports to be taken to complete the day. Hence, user needs to wait at least 2 hours in Office unnecessarily only for taking Finacle Reports even they are using both CPA and Supervisor ID.

A kind attention is requested by the Circle Union(s) to take necessary steps in this regard and the limitation may kindly arrange to increase to 20 per user. Official staying unnecessarily in Office in the COVID-19 outbreak situation is highly unsafe.

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