Aadhar HankBook for Residents 2020

Dear Master Trainers and Operators,
As you aware, public used to ask different types of queries, doubts, guidelines, etc., in counter with respect to Aadhaar services.
To understand the issues of residents from their side and to give fruitful reply to their queries, our  operators have to first update themselves about latest changes and procedures in  Aadhaar, facilities and online services provided by UIDAI for residents. 
Eg. About Address Validation Letter, Order Aadhaar Reprint, Updation History, mAadhaar etc., 
We all had written Aadhaar Exam many months back. Thereafter lot of changes have been  changed.
Recently UIDAI has released Aadhaar handbook for Residents which is designed to serve as guide for Aadhaar and to  update latest things. 
Please read through this document. In each section, QR Codes are there which can be scanned with any QR code scanner app
in our Smartphone to visit the relevant webpage or watch a video tutorial on the mentioned service.
This is not only useful for Aadhaar Operators to serve better in counter, but also to all of us to  guide our Relatives, Friends, Neighbours…
Thanks to
Sri. Dhamotharan

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