Instructions regarding Back Value Date transactions in Finacle.

Dear  Sir/Madam,
I am directed by DDG FS sir to convey the following
This is regarding relaxing parameters in Finacle for performing BACK VALUE DATED TRANSACTIONS.
Several cases of Back Value dated transactions have been referred by circles to Directorate with approval of CPMG. Instructions have been issued from Directorate for monitoring office account 0382. It is still observed that New accounts are not opened immediately after clearance of cheque and kept pending for more than 30 days.
*Back value transaction will be enabled on 10/02/2020 (Monday) from 1200 hrs to 1600 hrs only. This is the final/last case of relaxing Back Value Dated parameters. Transactions which were approved from CPMG only should be done during this period. Request for extension of time beyond 1600 hrs will not be entertained.*
It is requested to issue suitable instructions to concerned Post offices  to complete the approved Back Value transaction without fail .
CPCs are requested to coordinate with EOD/Helpdesk teams in case of any issues during Back value dated transactions.
Thanks and Regards
Gopinath S
Inspector Posts
Data Migration Command Centre(CBS)
Chennai 600 002

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