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Many of our friends raising query about accessing SAP ESS portal in public domain. Are hosts file entries required to open the said portal or Firefox is only compatible, etc.,?
In few cases, doubts about URL…..(http//sapep.indiapost.gov.in.8080/irj/portal)<– Portal address wrongly shared in WhatsApp Group without “:”

Whats is actual fact?

SAP ESS is being released access for public domain for enabling employee access at home or any other places other than offices. But, the portal is not opening due to configuration issue and it will be settled in few days.
Actually, the hosts entry is not necessary for accessing Employee portal. The access of Employee portal is not available/ very slow in public domain in working hours most probably  0600 to 2300 hours. 
ess in public domain
All Browsers are compatible for access ESS portal in Computer, Laptop and Mobile Phones. Standard browsers i.e Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox are recommended for secured and reliable connection.
What is correct URL for ESS portal.


http is  enough.

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