Instructions to candidates: DEST

1 Candidate shall carry the Admit card issued to him and his ID Card along with a copy of the ID card. 

2. After having entered the Examination Hall , sign the attendance sheet in the presence of the Invigilator. 

3. Read the “Instructions for the candidates” carefully. 

4. Enter the details of the Roll Number, Name and category correctly and click the  Check box related to the disclaimer that the candidate has read the instructions to enable the “Start Button”. 

5. Wait for the Invigilator to sound the start of the DEST. 

6. After Invigilator announces the start of the DEST, click the “Start Button” to commence the test. 

7. After completing the DEST, append signature on the evaluated printed answer sheet in the space given for “Signature of the Candidate”. 

8. The candidate will not carry any Camera, electronic gadgets, etc including mobile phones in the venue of the Examination. 

DEST instructions

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