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Clarification regarding POSB ruling – reg

Respected Sir, 
1.  As per previous SB Orders 09/2018 dtd 17.07.2018 POSB (CBS) manual, two or three persons can open Savings Account (SB) joint account as joint account whereas in the recent SB Order 12/2020 dtd 14.12.2020 it has been stated that only two persons can open a SB joint account. Kindly clarify. 
2.  As per previous SB Orders 09/2018 dtd 17.07.2018 POSB (CBS) manual the Sukanya Samriddhi Account (SSA) account matured after completion of 21 years of girl’s age whereas in the SB Order 09/2020 (Page No. 2 ) Rule 141(13)(a) the account shall mature on completion of twenty- one years from the date of opening of the account. Kindly clarify. 
3.  As per latest SB Order 09/2020, Rule 141(9)(c):- This sub rule should be replaced with below text: 
(c) ln case of an account under default, if not regularized within 15 years of the opening of account, then the whole deposit, including the deposits made prior to the date of default, shall be eligible for interest at the rate applicable to the Scheme till closure of the account. 
     If there is default in the account during the last financial year of the account the mode of calculation of Interest and the rate of interest may kindly be intimated.
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