Procedure for renewing the despatch schedule – SOP

Here is the procedure for renewing the despatch schedule
The procedure for renewing the Dispatch schedule is as below:-
1.       Divisional SPOC has to login to the PTM module in SAP using Super-user credential shared during creation of dispatch schedule.
2.       Go to  “Edit Schedule” option under Schedule tab to get the schedule editing screen. 
3.       Enter the Schedule ID for which validity has to be extended.
4.       Change the “Valid to” date as required and save the same.
5.       Login to ECP module of SAP using Divisional head login and download the edited schedule using “ZMOSCHDWNLD”
6.       Maintain the edited schedule under “ZMOIPVS” option.
7.       After completion of all the above task, Share the schedule ID to and with a copy of DMCC Chennai, RIT and CIT for pushing the edited schedule data to IPVS Back office.
In this connection, it is requested to direct all the Divisional SPOC to renew the dispatch schedules well in advance  before the expiry date to avoid the issues in dispatching the articles in IPVS Back Office.

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