McCamish : FSI Solution For Disbursement Issue

Dear SPOCs,
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FSI has provided following solutions for the disbursement issue which has cropped up recently :-
User who is trying to do disbursement which is not from selected/updated office code against the disbursement voucher.


  • Office of indexed request is updated as disbursement office. (for old cases only, new cases traversing through DE will have selected office)
  • Same office users who are having access for disbursement, can do the disbursement.
  • Requests which are on QC, Approval without Disbursement office selection are not able to do the disbursement.
  • For such cases, QC, Approver users have to redirect request to DE.
  • At DE stage Disbursement office has to be selected and submitted to QC.
If issue still persists , please email.
With regards
Centre for Excellence in Postal Technology
Chennai Chapter, Chennai 600 002
Ph; 044-28543481

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