How to create Outsider in SAP Module ? || CSI User Guide

Step 1:

 Double Click SAP
 Double Click ECP
 Use SSP/SP Login & Password
➼ Enter T Code => ZLSS
➼ Click ENTER
 Click Enter
 Click Add New Row
 Feed No of Resources =01
 Work ID => Choose => General
 Outsource Type => Choose => Direct
 From Date :_________
 To Date :_________ ( 180 days Only)
 BO ID:__________ ( Select Branch Office Facility ID)
 Reason => _Vacant_______
 Click Request for Approval
Step 2:

➼ Feed SSP/SP Login ID & Password
 Click Work 
 Click Outsource Request
 Feed Employee Name :_____________
 Date of Birth :_____( Dummy DOB)
 Employee Address:______
 Employee Gender:______
 Work Hours : 3
 Click Create & Save
 Note Down the Employee Number
Step 3:

 Double Click SAP
 Double Click ECP
 Use SSP/SP Login & Password
 Enter T Code => ZLSS
 Click Create Normal Employee Vendor ( Staff Vendor Creation)
 Name :
 Personnel Number :________( Employee number which is generated in Leave Portal)
 Postal Code:______
 Click F8 (Execute)

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1 Comment
  1. Jeena says

    Sir kindly explain who is authorised to create outsiders in SAP ECP..kindly elaborate the full process flow for outsider employee creation in detail.

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