Clarification on RT Guidelines || Compilation of SB Orders and Rules || Staff matter letters by NFPE Union

Sub: R. T. Guidelines – Clarifications sought for.
In accordance with the revised R.T. Guidelines, under Para 1, it is mentioned that” officials of single handed and double handed POs can have only one position in such officials during the service period.’’This is quite against to the assurance made in the DC (JCM) as well as the subsequent orders issued by the Dept relaxing the condition of one posting at Single / Double handed offices and the divisional heads were vested the powers to decide such postings.
Since there is a specific mention that only one position during the entire service period, it is interpreted in many divisions by counting the earlier positions in the single-handed offices prior to issue of orders and denied posting at the time of LSG. This causes a concern. The earlier tenures shall not be applied for the revised guidelines issued on 17.01.2019. Moreover, this condition should be removed as it is against to the spirit of earlier orders issued on the basis of agreement reached in the JCM Departmental Council.
It is therefore requested to cause necessary action in this regard.
Few more matters regarding Compilation of Rules and Orders or Manuals and Staff welfare matters

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