What’s New in PMA 4.0 | Postman Mobile Application

Issues Fixed

  • Screenshot folder issue resolved
  • ClearText issue resolved in Android Pie
  • Removed ‘ReCalled’ Remark
  • Removed ‘AddresseName’ for Individual Article

What’s New 4.0?

  • added View/Delete List Articles in Scanner
  • added Drop Down support to show the Name for Previous day List Articles
  • added Alpha Numeric for Addressee
  • added Search by Name
  • added History to Article Search
  • added New Abstract Table in Delivery Slip
  • added Scanner Focus Modes Settings
  • added Scanner Preview Resolution Settings
  • added Any Barcode Scan Settings
  • added Common UI Design for all Scanners
  • added Rubber stamp Capture
  • added Rubber stamp to Delivery Slip
  • added Back Button Support
  • added Multi Sim/IMEI Support for Android Marshmallow (6.0) & Above
  • added System Info
  • added Best Accuracy for GPS
  • added New On Device Machine Learning Barcode Scanner
  • added 2 new Scanners from Old 2.5 version
  • added Dashboard
  • added Tracking
  • added FAQ
  • added Employee Corner
  • added Browser support with Page Navigation
  • added Restriction to browse only indiapost.gov.in & cept.gov.in domain links
  • added Download Manager support for IPPB Mobile
  • added Date for Abstract Report
  • added GroupBy Article Type in Abstract Report->Detailed View
  • added GroupBy Article Type in SavedList->View Articles
  • added 3 days old Data Communication
  • added Support for Android 10 ( Q )
  • added Animation
  • added New Relevant Icons
  • Improved Material Design Specifications
  • Improved Performance
PMA APP 4.0 released download now 

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