SMS Content for DoP Products through IPPB Mobile Application

As per available data currently there are 9.29 crores active single (not joint) POSA accounts out of total 10.45 active POSA accounts
whereas only 1.28 lakhs POSA accounts have been linked to IPPB as on 20.02.2019.
Secretary (Posts) has reiterated time and again, the need for linking POSB account to IPPB. Linking of POSB with IPPB offers not only complete bouquet of banking services to existing POSA customers (including free movement of funds from IPPB to POSA and vice-versa, Bill payment, online fund transfer doorstep ,services etc.), but also offers the following advantages to the Department:
1.It provides alternate channel for deposit and withdrawal from POSB account. There is also need to encourage existing direct RD customers, SSA and PPF customers who visits post offices for deposit of installments and contributions to make these not at the counter but through digital channels. This not only reduces rush at the counters but results in less cash requirement at Post offices and reduces cash management costs. This will also help to fulfill the government’s vision of less cash economy and more digital transactions
  • With reduced queue at the counters, counter PA can provide better and customized services services to existing and new customers resulting in cross selling of all postal and financial
2.IPPB is promoted by the Department and 100 % owned by the Government. It is also adds to the number of financial services and products available through the Post Office.
Therefore, it is requested to send customized SMS from your end to all customer and end users for information of facilities being provided. List of proposed customized SMS is at Annexure – I
3.It is also requested that the content of the these messages be used on posters in Post Office and jingles and any other marketing and communication done by Circles and IPPB Branches.
PBI Division may be informed about the progress of the implementation.
facilities of linkage of IPPB Account with POSA account
facilities of linkage of IPPB Account with POSA account

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