MODEL Question Paper with Asnwer – LGO MTS examination

Model Question paper with Answers – for LGO GDS to MTS exam. Please answer all question without checking the answer first. 
1. Which of the following is not a premium product of INDIAPOST
a) Speed Post
b) Business Parcel
c) Logistic Post
d) Book-Post
2. EPP service discontinued in the year of
a) 2017
b) 2018
c) 2019
d) 2016
3. The time is authorized for sale of stamp and stationery at BO is
a) 2 minutes
b) 3 minutes
c) 4 minutes
d) 5 minutes
4. The following articles cannot be booked 
a) Plague culture and Anthrax Spore vaccine
b) Strong Smelling Articles
c) Osmic Acid
d) Gold coins or bullion or both of a value exceeding Rs.20,000/-
5. The software deployed for monitoring of Electronic clearing of Letter Boxes
a) Nanyatha 
b) Nayana
c) Manyatha
d) Sanchayika
6. The pilot POPSK (Post Office Passport Seva Kendra) started at
a) Metagalli Mysore
b) Jalahalli Bangalore
c) Bandra Mumbai
d) Vadodara, Gujarat
7. NPS (National Pension System) contribution will be in the following mode 
a) Cash and Cheque
b) Cheque and DD
c) Cash and DD
d) Cash, Cheque and DD
8. Which of the following is Operating System of DARPAN Device
a) Windows
b) IOS
c) Linux
d) Unix
9. Read the following
A. APPU membership countries are 32
B. The HQ of APPU is Bangkok, Thailand
Which of the following statement is not correct?
a) A statement is correct
b) B statement is correct
c) Both statement are correct
d) Both are incorrect
10. Inquiry fee on all International Mail Services has been removed with effect from
a) 1st March 2019
b) 1st March 2018
c) 1st April 2019
d) 1st April 2018
11. A letter weighing 60gms prepaid with postage of Rs.5.00 with Superscription “OIGS” is charged on delivery
a) Rs.5/-
b) Rs.10/-
c) Due amount will not be collected to official letter
d) None of the above
12. A. India Post aims to achieve a target of capturing 15% of the domestic Parcel Market
B. The target will be achieved by 2025
In respect of the above, which of the following is correct?
a) A only correct
b) B only Correct
c) Both are Correct
d) Both are incorrect
13. The Department of Post introduced a unique service namely Cool EMS service in collaboration with
a) USA
b) France
c) Bangladesh
d) Japan
14. The monthly contribution of SDBS scheme is
a) Rs.300/-
b) Rs.200/-
c) Rs.100/-
d) Rs.400/-
15. Compensation for loss of article, pilferage or damage of Speed Post is
a) Maximum of Rs.100
b) Double the postage
c) Rs.1000
d) Double the postage or Rs.1000 whichever is less
16. The annual rent for Post bag and box together 
a) Rs.150
b) Rs.250
c) Rs.180
d) Rs.375
17. Which of the following circle is not included more than one state/Union Territory? 
a) Madhya Pradesh 
b) Gujarat
c) Kerala
d) West Bengal
18. The minimum amount can be invested in KVP scheme is
a) Rs.500
b) Rs.100
c) Rs.1000
d) Rs.250
19. Charges after exceeding permissible free transactions limits at other bank ATMs is
a) Rs.15+GST
b) Rs.18+GST
c) Rs.20+GST
d) Rs.22+GST
20. The reimbursement of Administrative Expenses to participate bank under Pradhana Mantri Surakhsa Bhima Yojana (PMSBY) is
a) Rs.12/- per annum per member
b) Rs.1/- per annum per member
c) Rs.10/- per annum per member
d) Rs.330 /- per annum per member
21. iMO can be booked up to
a) Rs.1000 to Rs.5000
b) Rs.1000 to Rs.10000
c) Rs.1000 to Rs.50000
d) Rs.1000 to Rs.25000
22. The manufacture and use of fictitious postage stamp for any purpose is punishable under section
a) 263 Indian Penal Code
b) 263-A Indian Penal Code
c) 263-B Indian Penal Code
d) 263-D Indian Penal Code
23. If the monthly speed business between 2500001 to 10000000, the discount will be
a) 15%
b) 25%
c) 20%
d) 10% 
24. Trial Cards are Service Post Cards. Which of the following indicate Trial Cards
a) M 26 (c)
b) M 26 (b)
c) M 26 (a)
d) M 26 (d)
25. Which of the following is not due bag
a) Branch Office Bag
b) Transit Bag
c) Register Bag
d) Parcel Bag
26. The arrangement of Nodal Post Office is
a) To reduce number of loose bags
b) To reduce the peak hour pressure in local sorting offices
c) To work as transcription centre
d) To work as Custom duty assessment 
27. The transit mail Office 
A. can function in number of sets depending upon requirements
B. A branch of RMS
Which of the following is/are correct
a) A only
b) B only
c) Both A and B
d) None of the above
28. A orders are issued by
a) Sub Divisional Inspector
b) Superintendent of Post Offices
c) Superintendent of RMS
29. A. Late letters are letters presented at the window of Post Office /Mail Office or posted in Letter Boxes after the closing hours but within the interval allowed without fully prepaid
B. Too Late letters are late letters but fully prepaid postage stamps
In relation with which of the following is/are correct
a) A only
b) B only
c) Both are correct
d) Both are incorrect
30. A software is being used by Department of Post to process the insurance related work
a) Finacle
b) McCamish
c) Back Office
31. Which among the following is smallest Union Territories
a) Chandigarh
b) Dadra and Nagar Haveli
c) Daman and Diu
d) Lakshadweep
32. Which of the following rivers does not originate in India
a) Mahanadi
b) Brahmaputra
c) Ravi
d) Chenab
33. The famous Hornbill Festival is celebrated in which of the following state
a) Mizorma
b) Assam
c) Nagaland
d) Tripur
34. In which of the following state is the Blackbuck National Park located?
a) Gujarat
b) Rajastan
c) Madhya Pradesh
d) Maharastra
35. A nationwide satyagraha was launched by Gandhi in 1919 against
a) Swaraj Party
b) Rowlatt Act
c) Salt Act
d) Arms Act
36. Kheda Satyagraha was related to 
a) Against Salt Act
b) Movement of cotton mill workers
c) Relaxation in revenue collection
d) None of the above
37. ‘KUSUM’ Yojana is related to which of the following
a) Wind Power
b) Farmer Insurance
c) Education
d) Solar Energy
38. Which rocket carried Chandrayaan 2 into space?
c) GSLV Mark-III
39. Vijay Hazare Trophy related to which sports
a) Hockey
b) Football
c) Tennis
d) Cricket
40. You need to withdraw money from Post Office ATM. The ATM has showing an error. Which of the following action will be considered best one?
a) Quarrel with Postmaster 
b) Try to repair ATM machine 
c) Submit a complaint to Postmaster
d) Find out another ATM for withdrawal
41. A worker is paid Rs.1500 for 6 days’ work. If he works for 15 days, how much will he get?
a) 3500
b) 5300
c) 3750
d) 3570
42. A man complete a journey in 10 hours. He travels first half of the journey at the rate of 21 km/hr and second half at the rate of 24 km/hr. Find the total journey in km
a) 220km
b) 224km
c) 230km
d) 210km
43. An aeroplane covers a certain distance at a speed of 120 kmph in 4 hours. To cover the same distance in 3 hours, it must travel at a speed of
a) 150km/hr
b) 160km/hr
c) 170km/hr
d) 180km/hr
44. A alone can do a piece of work in 6 days and B alone in 8 days. A and B undertook to do it for Rs. 6400. With the help of C, they completed the work in 3 days. How much is to be paid to C?
a) 800
b) 400
c) 600
d) 700
45. A can do a work in 15 days and B in 20 days. If they work on it together for 4 days, then the fraction of the work that is left is 
a) ¼
b) 1/10
c) 8/15
d) 7/15
46. A Stationery seller had some Pens, Sharpeners, Erasers & Pencils. He sells 65% of the total units and still has 175 units. Originally, he had:
a) 588 units
b) 400 units
c) 272 units 
d) 500 units
47. In a class test, a student scored 20 marks out of 25 marks. The students marks in % is : 
a) 85 
b) 80 
c) 90 
d) 82
48. Find the average of numbers 87, 84, 86, 90, 82, 88, 78. 
a) 80 
b) 82 
c) 84 
d) 85
49. Find the average of all numbers between 5 and 49 which are divisible by 5. 
a) 20 
b) 25 
c) 30 
d) 35
50. 78 – [5 + 3 of (25 – 2 × 10)] 
a) 58 
b) 68 
c) 60 
d) 62
1. Book Post
2. 2019
3. 3 minutes
4. Gold coins or bullion or both of a value exceeding Rs.20,000/-
5. Nanyatha
6. Metagalli Mysore
7. Cash, Cheque and DD
8. Linux
9. Both are incorrect
10. 1st March 2018
11. Rs.10/-
12. A only correct (by 2026)
13. Japan
14. Rs.300/-
15. Double the postage or Rs.1000 whichever is less
16. Rs.250
17. Madhya Pradesh 
18. Rs.1000
19. Rs.20+GST
20. Rs.1/- per annum per member
21. Rs.1000 to Rs.50000
22. 263-A Indian Penal Code
23. 20%
24. M 26 (a)
25. Parcel Bag
26. To reduce the peak hour pressure in local sorting offices
27. Both A and B
28. Superintendent of RMS
29. Both are incorrect
30. McCamish
31. Lakshadweep
32. Brahmaputra
33. Nagaland
34. Gujarat
35. Rowlatt Act
36. Solar Energy
37. Solar Energy
38. GSLV Mark-III
39. Cricket
40. Submit a complaint to Postmaster
41. 3750
42. 224km
43. 160km/hr
44. 800
45. 8/15
46. 500
47. 80
48. 85
49. 25
50. 58

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