Karnataka Circle Instruction 01.11.2019 regarding discharge Of Non-migrated NSC/KVP Certificates || POST GL INTEGRATION

Instructions Issued By Karnataka On 01.10.2019 – Circle Discharge of non migrated NSC/KVP Certificates POST GL Integration
With reference to the above subject this office is receiving several references from the regions regarding the procedure to be followed for discharge of non migrated NSC/KVP Certificates Post GL Integration. In this regard, on examination of issue the following is approved by the CPMG.
(I)As on date there is no instructions or SOP for discharge of non migrated NSC/KVP certificates post GL integration by the Directorate.
(II)To avoid public complaints, it is informed by the Competent Authority that the instructions may be issued to all the Divisions to allow manual discharge of certificates as was done in the past, with proper “error entry” and with the approval of Divisional Superintendent.
(III)Voucher posting may be allowed to discharge of non migrated NSC/KVP Certificates as it is beyond Finacle.
Assistant Director (FS)
For Chief Postmaster General
Karnataka Circle,Bengaluru-560 001
how to discharge manual certificates after GL integration in finacle
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