Handling of Marriage Invitation Cards – Postal Directorate Instructions

Subject: Handling of Marriage Invitation Cards.
With the ongoing wedding season. one Of the biggest worries for someone getting married is timely distribution of Invitation cards to their loved ones. Indian weddings are grandeur and splendid affairs and small things need to be planned well in advance. Besides being date specific, emotions are also attached with marriage invitation cards. Non-delivery/ delayed delivery of marriage invitation cards is a matter of great disappointment to both the sender and the invitees.
2, At this point of time, large volume of marriage invitation cards (ordinary as well as speed post) are being despatched which require special attention at every stage in order to provide efficient and effective transmission and delivery. Circles would have definitely taken special measures to deliver marriage invitation cards expeditiously:It is, however. requested that all Divisional Heads (Postal & RMS},
3 ASPOs/ASRMs. IPOs/lRMs. PRIS and Mail Overseer be asked to visit to the Delivery Post Offices / Mail Offices to ensure that no marriage invitation card is pending for sorting at Mail Offices and for delivery at Delivery Post Offices. Postmen and GDS staff must be sensitised towards delivery of marriage invitation cards on the day it is received in the Post Office.
4 Special arrangements made by the Circles in this regard may be given adequate publicity. Such small steps will definitely earn large goodwill for the department and increase mail traffic as well.
Ajay Kumar Roy
Dy. Director General
(Mail Operations)
handling of wedding card directorate instructions

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