Aadhar : Different Kind of Errors Classification

1) Demographic Error :
  • These are errors in resident name, address,gender, date of birth and poor quality photograph.
2) Biometric Exception I ( BE-I) :
  • Full Finger Prints or Full Iris incorrectly recorded as missing.
3) Biometric Exception II ( BE-II) :
  • Bad quality photo in exception photo Exception not visible in exception photo
  • Photo of Photo within a BE
  • Exceptional Photo of A Different Person
  • Exceptional Photo of An Object
4) Biometric Exception III ( BE-III) :
  • Photo not as per guidelines.
5) Photo on Photo :
  • When a photo is of other photograph and/or non human
6) Use of unparliamentary / Abusive language in resident’s demographics.
7) Enrollment with fake / No POI / POA, Fudged consent slip generation / Any enrolment done by tampering UIDAI Software

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