Terms And Conditions For The Usage Of INDIAPOST ATM CARD

indiapost ATM
The Terms and Conditions under which the DOP ATM Card has been issued are mentioned below for your guidance: 
(a) Terms used here
• DOP refers to Department of Posts.
• Card means DOP ATM Card issued to customer.
• Cardholder means customer who has been issued DOP ATM Card.
• PIN mean a 4-digit number allotted to the card holder.
(b) Card
• The Card is the property of DOP and shall be returned unconditionally and immediately to DOP upon request by DOP.
• DOP reserves the right to cancel the Card and stop its operations unilaterally without assigning any reason.
• The Card is non- transferable.
• PIN/OTP: The Cardholder acknowledges, represents and warrants that the PIN/OTP provides access to the designated account(s) and that the Cardholder accepts the sole responsibility for use, confidentiality and protection of the PIN/OTP, as well as for all mandates and information changes entered in to the account using such PIN/OTP. 
The Cardholder shall not record the PIN/OTP in any form so as to protect the PIN/OTP from falling into the hands of a third party. The Cardholder grants express authority to DOP for carrying out transactions and instructions authenticated by the PIN/OTP and shall not revoke the same. DOP has no obligation to verify the authenticity of the transaction instruction sent or purported to have been sent from the Cardholder other than by means of verification of the Cardholder’s PIN/OTP.
The Card, therefore, should remain in Cardholder’s possession and should not be handed over to anyone else. The Card is issued on the condition that DOP bears no liability for the unauthorized use of the Card.
This responsibility is fully that of the Cardholder. Further DOP will not be responsible for any loss either direct or indirect on account of ATM failure/malfunctioning.
(c) Loss of Card
• The Cardholder should immediately block the Card through the available channels (i.e., through call centre or any DOP Branch)
• The Cardholder is responsible for the security of the Card and shall take all steps towards ensuring the safekeeping thereof. Further, in the event, DOP determines that the aforementioned steps are not complied with, financial liability on the lost or stolen Card would rest with the Cardholder.
• Fresh Card will be issued in replacement of lost/damaged Card.
• DOP has the authority of the Cardholder to debit the designated account of the Cardholder for all withdrawals and payments effected by or purported to be effected by the Cardholder using the Card, as evidenced by the records, which will be conclusive and binding on the Cardholder. The Cardholder expressly authorizes DOP to debit the designated account with service charges (if any) notified by DOP from time to time. Please visit www.indiapost.gov.in for the updated service charges.
(d) Transactions:
• The transactions record generated by an ATM or POS terminal/e-Commerce will be binding on the Cardholder and it will be conclusive unless verified otherwise and corrected by DOP. The verified and corrected amount will be binding on the Cardholder.
• Closing of Accounts: The Cardholder wishing to close the designated account and surrender the Card will first have to give application in writing and surrender the Card along with the application.
• Validity of Card: The validity of the Card is printed on the face of the Card. The Card is valid through to the last date of the month of expiry.

• Renewal of Card: DOP will automatically renew the card, free of cost on it’s expiry.
• Help line : For more information and help, please call DOP’s tollfree number i.e. 1800-425-2440. Toll free numbers are accessible from all landlines and mobile phones in the country.
• Transaction charges: The Cardholder’s account is liable to be debited with the additional charges for transaction(s) made at ATMs owned by the banks other than DOP beyond the permissible limits. Please visit www.indiapost.gov.in for the updates.
(e) Fees and Charges:
• The annual fee for the Card will be debited to the primary account linked with the Card on application/renewal at DOP’s prevailing rate.
The fees is non-refundable
The cardholder shall maintain at all times such minimum balance in the designated account, as DOP may stipulate from time to time. DOP reserves the right at any time to charge the cardholder for the issue or reissue of a Card and/or any fee/charges for the transactions carried out by the cardholder on the Card.
(f) Additional Terms
• DOP reserves the right to introduce new facilities or remove existing facilities as and when warranted, without assigning any reasons thereof. DOP may, at its discretion, refuse any application for the Card without assigning any reason. Fee charged (if any) for the use of the Card is non-refundable under any circumstances. DOP has the right to withdraw the privilege attached to the Card and to call upon the Cardholder to surrender the Card through any representative of DOP, without assigning any reason.
• Use of the Card shall be terminated without notice, upon receiving intimation of the death, bankruptcy or insolvency of the Cardholder or on receipt of a letter from any one of the joint account holders changing the operative clause, receipt of an attachment order from a Competent court or revenue authority or from RBI due to violation of FEMA/Exchange Control Regulations, or for other valid reasons or when the whereabouts of the Cardholder become unknown to DOP due to any cause attributable to the Cardholder.
• The ATM service is for withdrawing cash against the balance that is already available in your account. It is therefore the Cardholder’s obligation to maintain sufficient balance in the designated account to meet cash withdrawals and service charges. DOP at its absolute discretion may amend the Terms and Conditions governing ATM services

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