Regarding correctness of GL being used for Voucher Posting

For Attention of All
A Mail in this regard is already sent to all CPMG s office
However, I am keeping you all informed about the changes brought about in the monthly compilation of Accounts.
Hence forth there will be no period closing Date, like before .
This is because , the PFMS system has been integrated . 
Which means the respective DAP office generates the PFMS report daily, 
which is the Consolidation of Receipts and Expenditure happening at the PO.
It is generated the next day and whatever transactions have happened will be fetched and it is pushed to CGA Accounts on daily basis.
There is no monthly consolidation of Accounts.
Therefore, in view of the above, all the PO staff and also others who are making any voucher posting may doubly ensure and confirm the Correctness of the GL being used.
Any corrections should be made that day or the next day.
When correction entry is made, it should be made with current date , and it ll be reflected in the accounts of that date 
Any Correction s made of previous month too will be with current date and will be accounted in current month.
Keep checking your Trial Balance and identify wrong and incorrect GLs and take action immediately.

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