CEPT CBS Instructions 25.11.2019 : New Procedure For MIS Closure By CASH

New Procedure For MIS Closure By CASH


New procedure for MIS account closure by Cash
Maturity amount and PMI will get credited to 0340, as per current functionality.
MIS bonus amount and interest on bonus will get credited to office account 0004, instead of 0340.
Office account 0004 is a parking account,
Similar to MIS Sundry account.
Bonus + interest amount should be withdrawan by entering the closed account number as reference number in HTM main screen and in HTM-Minor subsidy details screen.
HCASHPND of maturity amount & PMI, will be allowed only after the bonus+interest amount is withdrawan.
If not it will throw error as “Bonus payment is not yet done for the account. Please use HTM to do the repayment”
This procedure will ensure that the bonus payout by cash is reflected correctly in teller’s cash position and SOL’s daily report thereon.
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