MACP Clarification as per rules and regulations 2019

MACP Clarification as per rules and regulations 2019

Latest Clarification on MACP Scheme as per Rules and Regulations 2019
MACP – Modified Assured Career Progression Scheme is a promotional scheme for Central Government Employees
If an employee of the Central Government has been completed for ten consecutive years of service without promotion, MACP Scheme will help to promote to the next level.
Here we have compiled the most important and recent discussions held on our comments section between readers…
1. KM Muraleedharan asked Nair October 9, 2019
My entry into Govt service (ISRO) is on 4-12-73, I am promoted to higher level four times and retired on 30-9-2006 in the grade of Per. Asst. D in the grade 7500-250-12000. my pay is fixed under 7th CPC is 62200 (Level 8 index 10) with effect from 1-1-2016. My pension is 31100 from 1-1-2016.
I would like to know whether I am eligible for MACP. A line in reply will be highly appreciated.
M.K.KUMAR Replied to KM Muraleedharan Nair on October 10, 2019
No, you’re not eligible. Since the order of MACP date is from 1-9-2008, moreover previously ACP Scheme is those who are not promoted they were eligible for that order from 9/99. Both you are full filled and also those who have not got in service only three promotions they are only eligible ACP/MACP Schemes.
2. Sub PT Selvan asked on October 10, 2019
Sir, I would like to ask about ser No 1 to 40. What indicates the Nos. On 1 Jan 2016, I have completed 25 years 8 months service and promoted as Nb Sub (pay level-6) w.e.f. 01 Jan 2012. Promoted as MACP Nb Sub w.e.f. 01 Dec 2007. What should be the fixing of basic pay on 01 Jan
M.K.KUMAR replied to Sub PT Selvan on October 11, 2019
1 to 40 indicates stages in that matrix level to fix basic pay from that next stage is after increment. If your basic pay after upgraded pay will be fixing in next matrix level changes next stage of pay in that level. From the joined grade level you’re in third grade on completion of 20 years. After 30 years your matrix will change next level. i.e. now your in matrix level 6 means after completion of 30th year you will be in 7 level and pay Will be fixed next higher pay in that stage of pay.
3. Jitendra kumar asked on September 29, 2019
M.K.KUMAR replied to Jitendra kumar on September 30, 2019
MACP procedure on compensation on every ten years from the service begins without any promotion/upgradation of basic bay fixation should get 11th year onwards next Matrix Level card with the condition of very good benchmark in the APAR.
1. Dr. Shakeel Asgar asked on October 11, 2019
Is there any rules about denial of annual increment i.e. 3% as per the 6th CPC as i have been deprived with an annual increment due to my placement on the scale of 37400 – 67000 + 9000 on 27.5.2008. The cited reason is that you have not completed 6 months or more 1 July being the date of implementation of annual increment. I am working in CG Govt at College. Kindly provide guidelines as per the rules.
M.K.KUMAR replied to Dr. Shakeel Asgar on October 12, 2019
Ya, it is correct. You have given advance increment in basic pay 3% plus (GO 8700 to 9000) from 25-8-2008, so you are not eligible for increment on 1-7-2008 next DIN on 1-7-2009 only.
1. Dipak says asked on October 4, 2019
My date of promotion from L-11 to L-12 is 10 September 2019. My present basis salary in L-11 is Rs.96600. My next date of increment is on 1st July 2020. Which option should I choose?
M.K.KUMAR replied to Dipak on October 5, 2019
The promotion is designation changes due to the vacant post or due to the retirement post there are no monetory benefits. If the upgradation of MACP on completion of 10th year without any promotion, you can choose from the date of entered service.
2. Vijay asked on September 25, 2019
Sir my current basic is 44900/- and I got promoted to level 7 from level 6. Date of implementation from 01.11.2017. kindly suggest me the total salary and basic pay hike for Class A city..
M.K.Kumar replied to Vijay on September 26, 2019
If it is promotion of designation changes no monitory.benift. From the 7th CPC no pay scales for the designated post. If it is a MACP upgradation on completion every 10 years without any pay fixation than only the matrix level changes from the next year i.e 11/21/31 year if not got pay fixationi between that 10 years.
3. Bijay Kumar Prasad asked on September 23, 2019
Sir now I m pay lev 1 as basic 24900 my appt date is 01 Dec 09 my 1 st macp is due on 01 Dec 2019 what is my next pay level nd basic
M.K.Kumar replied to Bijay Kumar Prasad on September 24, 2019
From 1-12-2019 as Rs. 25600 advance increment on 1st MACP upgradation of basic pay. No increment on 1-7-2020 and from 1-7-2021 as Rs. 26000/- in matrix level 2.
4. Prashant Gavaniya asked on September 16, 2019
My Promotion date is 12/3/2016. Salery as on 11/3/2016 is 27900 (level 4/2400 gp). Now I have got promotion in level 6 (4200 gp). My increment date is 1st July. Which option is best for me?
M.K.Kumar replied to Prashant Gavaniya on September 17, 2019
As per your promotion date option date is over, now you can’t opt. If your promotion was given from that date it will given GP 4200 of 7th CPC matrix level 5 with the condition if you have not got earlier of 10 years from your joining duty otherwise you are not eligible GP 4200, you will be in GP 2400 in level 5 only with your designation changes higher (in the 7th CPC promotions as pay benefits if you have not got promoted earlier within 10 years). Upgradation on completion of every 10th year as MACP pay fixation will change to next matrix level.

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