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Instruction to be followed after CBS-GL integration-Regarding

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The GL Integration with CBS transaction is proposed to be rolled out from 16.10.2019.
The following instructions may be followed until standard DOP received from Directorate.
1. From 16.10.2019, All SOLs should not upload the finacle figures either through ZBF07 of F-02. This is strictly to be followed.
2. From 16.10.2019 finacle transactions will be incorporated with daily account automatically which can be generated only on next day.
3. All counter PAs should login to finacle through POS counter module only, so that POS cash will get tallied on next day.
4. Automatic GL posting in POS cash will happen through GL file which will be created after successful DC (Data Center) closure. Timely EOD by every office will be an important aspect for this. Hence all SOLs should initiate EOD before 1800 Hrs daily without fail. Explanation will be called for from the defaulters.
5. There is new report included in finacle namely, GL daily transaction report- summary which can be used to tally account instead of LOTs.
6. POS cash will get tallied only on the next working day. However SOLs should tally their cash balance without fail on the same day.
7. All SOs are instructed to not to use the BO settlement account (SOLID+339). In BOs, all CBS transaction should be done through DARPAN device only. Transactions not done in devices cannot be accounted as BO transactions. BOs should be strictly instructed in this regard.
8. The cheques which are pending for SB related payments must be paid on or before 15.10.2019 as liability creation for such payments will differ from 16.10.2019 as instructed below.
          Debit: Postmaster Cheque account: 420030013
          Credit: POSB Onetime Customer: 7000000294
9. Issuing of Cheques remains same through F-58 & ZFF110.
The ATM cash loading/removing procedure will be as follows from 16.10.2019
Finacle Menu
Finacle Function
Debit account in SAP
Credit Account in SAP
Cash Loading
ATM Cash Account(SL ID+0006)
Teller cash of ATM SOL
Cash Removal
ATM Cash Account(SL ID+0006)
Teller cash of ATM SOL
10. PLI/RPLI transaction uploads/Bills paid uploads can be continued in the existing procedure until further orders.
Doubts in this regard may be clarified with SB order 09/2019 which was communicated through mail.
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