General Ledger extracts to ERROR REPORT in CSI

Respected Sir/Madam,
I am directed to convey the following
The following are the reasons for movement of GL extracts to ERROR REPORT in CSI.
1. Unbalanced GL extract
2. Incorrect / Invalid Facility ID
3. Transactions in Unmapped GL
Only Incorect Facility ID and Unmapped GL can be corrected using T CODE ZFSI_ERROR. Amount cannot be modified in ZFSI_ERROR.

Reasons for Unbalanced GL extract

1. Customer Account Ownership issue
1. Customer leg of the Account Opening/Transactions done through RICT device is reflecting in Account Office instead of Branch Office. This is due to A/c Ownership issue. CIF of that particular account has been opened as EMPLOYEE CIF and not as CUSTOMER CIF. Due to technical issues, these particular accounts are reflecting in ACCOUNT OFFICE and NOT IN BO resulting in Unbalanced entry. Patch will be deployed shortly for this issue. Till such time, entire CBS transactions lying in ERROR REPORT need to be manually posted through voucher posting using GL Daily Transaction – Summary or Error report downloaded in excel. In case if this particular transaction is available as single line item in error report , BO FACILITY ID can be updated in error report for balancing the extract. Once these entries are balances, all CBS transactions will be posted both in BO facility ID and Account Office facility id.
Transactions reflecting under Channel ID : SDP – CONNECT24 CHANNEL ID without BO facilty id reflecting under the SOL is the account which is creating unbalanced entry. Identify the account number /CIF to check whether the account is having EMPLOYEE as a/c ownership.
2. RD Rebate of BO reflecting in Account Office
RD Rebate transaction done through RICT DEVICE reflecting in Account Office instead of Branch office resulting in unbalanced entry. Patch will be deployed shortly. Till such time, manual voucher posting for these CBS transactions both for account office and branch office to be done using GL Daily Transaction – Summary or Error report downloaded in excel.
3. BO Code mapped during account opening and BO New account debited is different
Account office while opening new account of Branch Office has mapped one BO code and debited BO new account of other BO resulting in unbalanced entires between these 2 Branch Offices. Manual voucher posting is to be done using GL Daily Transaction – Summary or Error report downloaded in excel.
4. BO Code DELETED or MODIFIED after transaction done through RICT device
Bo Code should not be deleted or modified if the TRANSACTION is done through RICT device. Deletion or Modification of BO code should be done on next day of transaction. Validation is also being requested for the same. Till such time, manual posting is to be done for these 2 BOs using GL Daily Transaction – Summary or Error report downloaded in excel.


Transactions are reflecting in the sols which are closed / merged in CSI but these SOLs are still not closed due to non transfer of customer accounts. These SOLS are updated in finacle with dummy facility ids as no faciilty id will be available in CSI for closed/merged offices. New SOL facilty id to be updated in place of dummy facility id . Once new faciilty id is updated in both credit and debit GLs, these transactions will reflect in NEW /MERGED SOL. Manual voucher posting is not required for this error.
This has the approval of DDG FS sir.
Thanks and Regards
Gopinath S Inspector Posts
Data Migration Command Centre(CBS)
Chennai 600 002

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