Indian postal service also known as Indian post office is a most widely distributed postal system in the world (second is china). Indian postal service is run by Indian government. It is a part of Ministry of communication.

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o    The first post office in India was established by British East India company in Bombay in 1764.
o    Postage stamps were first used in India in 1852 at district of scinde (also known as scinde dawk). On 1st October 1854, the first all India stamp was issued. Post independence, India’s first postal stamp was issued on 21 November 1947. Independent India’s first postal stamp depicted the picture of national flag of India. Mahatma Gandhi was the first person whose picture was depicted on free India’s stamp (1948).
o    India is divided into 23 postal circles. Each circle is divided into regions. Regions are also further divided into divisions and subdivisions. Beside 23 circles, there is also a base circle. Which provides postal services to Indian armed forces. Each circle is headed by chief postmaster general and region is headed by postmaster general.
o    Pincode system was introduced in India on 15 August 1972 by Shriram Bhikaji Velankar. In 1880 money order service was first started.
o    Indian pincode is six digits long. The first digit represents the region, second digit represents the subregion, the third digit identifies the district of the region and last three digits are assigned to the post offices.
o    On 18 February 1911, world’s first official airmail flight was started. World’s highest post office is located in Hikkim, Himachal Pradesh, India ( height is 4,700 m).
o    Due to the increase of digital services, Indian Post had terminated two important services – Telegram (in 2013) and Money order (in 2015).
o    In 2008, Project Arrow was launched to reform the Indian Postal Services to make it more people friendly and digital.
o    Beside postal services, Indian post offices also offers different financial services too.  
First Post Office of India  Bombay in 1774
Founder of Postal in India  Governor General Lord Dalhousie
First postage stamp of India  Sinde Dawk in 1852
First airmail  From Allahabad to Naini in 1911
First Post office outside India  Dakshin Gangotri, Antarctica in 1983
Postal staff collage  Ghaziabad
Postal Day 10th October
Year Event
1774 First post office of India was established in Bombay
1852 First postal stamp was introduced
1863 First Railway mail service was started
1879 First Post Card was introduced
1880 Money Order service was started
1911 Airmail service was started
1972 Pin code was adapted
1986 Speed Post service was started
2004 E post service was started
2008 Electronic Money order and Instant Money Order services were started

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