Bonus (Ad-hoc bonus) Calculation for Central Government Employees


Bonus (Ad-hoc bonus) Calculation for Central Government Employees

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Bonus Calculation for CG Employees

How to Calculate Bonus

The calculation ceiling for payment of ad-hoc Bonus under these orders shall be monthly emoluments of Rs.7000/-.
To calculate Non-PLB (Ad-hoc bonus) for one day, the average emoluments in a month will be divided by 30.4 (average number of days in a month). This will, thereafter, be multiplied by the number of days of bonus granted.
To illustrate, taking the calculation ceiling of monthly emoluments of Rs. 7000 (where actual average emoluments exceed Rs. 7000), Non-PLB (Ad-hoc Bonus) for thirty days would work out to Rs. 7000×30/30.4 = Rs.6907.89 (rounded off to Rs.6908/-).

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