डाकघर में अब आधार से ले सकेंगे किसी भी बैंक का पैसा !!!

Best wishes to IPPB and Maharashtra IPPB family on first aniversary of the launch of the bank! We had an adventurous first year where we had to unlearn and learn many new things. The second year is going to be one where we will be expanding our bouquet of services and start making our presence felt. We celebrate this aniversary with the launch of AEPS with the motto of ‘One Nation, One Bank’. This is an audacious move on our part to make banking simple for those who need it the most. Next we will be launching the virtual debit card in the month of Sept to tap the payments in ecommerce space. Full fledged UPI is expected by November. Our technology is gradually stabiling and coordination with DOP is also strengthening. The state government has shown a lot of interest in us. We have become an active member of SLBC. Now, we need to deliver on their expectations. Best of luck all…
AEPS system in post office

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