New Patch deployment in Finacle – Agent Commission and Freeze Unfreeze of Account


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Dear Sir/Madam,

I am directed to convey the following

The following patches have been deployed in Finacle on 01/08/2019.


Issues were being faced in deleting or reversing Agent commission and TDS in case of cancellation of new account which were opened through agents. Agent commission+TDS transactions were getting created along with the funding transaction during opening of RD/MIS/TD/NSC/KVP accounts. These transactions were system-generated transactions and could not be deleted in the case of cancellation of account-opening.

Workaround Solutions were being provided by the team for reversing the agent commission and TDS . This issue has been fixed in Finacle.

This functionality has been modified and patch was deployed on 01/08/2019. Henceforth, agent commission+TDS transactions will get created only if the account is verified. Account opening operation can be cancelled after deleting the funding transaction. SOLs may please be strictly instructed to ensure that account opening is cancelled and not verified whenever funding transaction is cancelled.

2. Validations built in HAFSM menu (Freezing & Unfreezing) as per SB ORDER 05/2016 & its Addendum

1. Freeze or Unfreeze will be allowed only by those users:

    A. Having SU role (supervisor role) who belong to the same sol as that of the Account being Freezed/Unfreezed.

    B. Having SU role (supervisor role) who belong to the HO of the Account Sol being Freezed/ Unfreezed. HO sol will be checked from the data maintained in the existing custom table C_EODMON.

2. Both Maker and checker should belong to same sol i.e. In Verify mode, it will be checked that the user belongs to the same sol as the user who has initiated the freeze or unfreeze request.

3. The sol considered will be the home sol of the user and not the Context sol for the validations in Point a and b.

This may please be circulated to all POs immediately.

Thanks and Regards

Gopinath S

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Data Migration Command Centre(CBS)

Chennai 600 002


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