Gramin Dak Sevaks (Conduct & engagement ) Rules 2011 – for LDCE LGO /IPO EXAM

Useful notes on GDS Conduct Rules 2011 for LDCE LGO EXAM/IPO EXAM
Gramina Dak Sevaks (Conduct & engagement ) Rules 2011
Objectives of Conduct Rules∎To regulate general behavior of GDS employees
∎ To secure full commitment of GDS servants in implementing Govt’s policies ∎ To set certain moral standards Application
∎ GDS Mail Delivery
∎ GDS Mail Carrier
∎ GDS Mail packer
∎ GDS Stamp Vendor

Conditions of Service

∎ Rule 3-A:
∎ Shall not be required to perform duty beyond maximum period of five hours in a day
∎ Should have independent source of income
∎ Should reside in PO village or in delivery jurisdiction of PO before appointment
∎ A sevak shall be transferred from one post/unit to another post/unit in public interest;

Conditions of Service….

∎ BPM should provide accommodation for Post office
∎ Shall not be retained beyond 65 years of age
∎ Can be discharged before attaining 65 years of age- declared medically unfit
∎ Shall not be entitled to any pension 

Recruiting authority

∎ Other GDS
∎ Head of Division
∎ IP/ASP Sub Division or 

Head of office of Sub appointing unit Leave (Rule 7)

∎ Paid leave: 20 days in a year without accumulation ∎ LWA:
-By IP up to 90 days at a stretch/180 days by SPOs (other than BPM) -Not exceeding 60 days at a stretch for BPMS. -Beyond 180 days absence- “cease to be an GDS” 

Termination of Employment (Rule 8)

∎ Liable to be terminated at any time by a notice in writing by GDS or his appointing authority
∎ if not more than 3 years of service
∎ Period of such notice shall be one month Penalties (Rule 9)
∎ Nature of penalties 
∎ Censure
∎ Debarring from examination for MTS/postman/PA for a period of maximum 3 years
∎ Debarring from recruitment to MTS Group C on the basis of seniority for a period of 3 years
∎ Recovery from TRCA whole or part or any pecuniary loss caused by negligence
∎ Removal from employment which shall not be a disqualification for future employment
∎ Dismissal from employment which shall ordinarily be a disqualification for future employment
∎ Rule 10: Procedure for imposing penalty
∎ Rule 10-A: Procedure for imposing penalty after discharge from service
∎ Rule 12 put off duty: on par with suspension.
∎ 25% exgratia compensation per month 

(TRCA with admissible dearness allowance)

∎ May be enhanced/reduced beyond 90 days not more than 50%

GDS Conduct & engagement Rules 2011….

∎ Rule 21: “every employee shall at all times maintain absolute integrity and devotion to duty”
∎ There is no clause of “unbecoming” in GDS (C & E) Rules.2011
∎ Whatever termed misconduct for CGS are equally applicable to GDS
∎ All cases coming under “unbecoming” will be covered under Rule 21
∎ Rule 22:No Sevak shall be a member of’ or be otherwise associated with’ any political party or any organization which takes part in politics nor shall he take part in’ Subscribe in aid of, or assist in any other manner.any political movement or activity
∎ Rule 23:No Sevak shall resort to or abet any form of strike‘ coercion or physical duress in connection with any matter pertaining to his conditions of engagement or the Engagement of any other Sevak. 
∎ Rule 24:No Sevak shall’ in any radio broadcast or in any
document published in his own name or anonymously, or pseudonymously or in the name of any other person’ or in any communication to the Press or in any public utterance make any statement of fact or opinion:-
∎ (i) which has the effect of any adverse criticism of any current or recent
∎ policy or action of the Central government or a State Government: or
∎ (ii) which is capable of embarrassing the relations between the Central
∎ government and the government of any State: or
∎ (iii) which is capable of embarrassing the relations between the central
∎ Government and the Government of any foreign State:
∎ Rule 26: No sevak shall communicate directly or indirectly any official document or information to any sevak or any other person to whom he is not authorized to communicate such documents or information.
∎ Rule 27:Insolvency and habitual indebtedness
∎ A sevak shall so manage his private affairs as to avoid habitual indebtedness or insolvency . A sevak against whom any legal proceeding is instituted for the recovery of any debt due from him or for adjudging him as an insolvent shall forthwith report the full facts of the legal proceedings of government
∎ Rule 28: Vindication of acts and character of Sevak
∎ No sevak shall, except with the previous sanction of the government have recourse to any Court or to the Press for the vindication of any official act which has been the subject matter of adverse criticism or an attack of defamatory character
∎ Rule 29:Canvassing of non-official are other outside influence
∎ No Sevak shall bring or attempt to bring any political or other outside influence to bear upon any superior authority to further his interest in respect of matters pertaining to his engagement under the Government
∎ Rule 29-A:Prohibition regarding engaging in any business detrimental to the business of the post office.
∎ The GDS will not engage in any activity with any outside agency which would be detrimental to the business or interest of the post offices

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