Reports on Core Insurance Solutions – McCamish


Cancelled Transactions – June 2019 Count of RICT Transations Circle Wise
 – 26/06/2019 to 30/06/2019
Holiday Transactions – 30/06/2019 BOs Not done Any Transactions in June 2019
Holiday Transactions – 07/07/2019 All India PLI App
Versions in DARPAN – 18-06-2019
Holiday Transactions – 14/07/2019
Available in McCamish
 All India Consolidated.CSV Report
Andhra Pradesh All India Consolidated CSV Upload
 Report For the Period April to May 2019
Tamil Nadu
North East
 Detailed .CSV Report
Kerala – June 2019
Tamilnadu – June 2019

Respected SirS & MadamS,

 It is immensely happy to inform that CEPT team has designed a web page and started hosting the Core Insurance Reports since 1st week of Jul 19.

CEPT PLI team is generating various Monthly Reports to Dte and Circles. And also generating reports are in generic nature.

 01. How to access :
Go to
Click on Employee Corner
Click on PLI in the Banner (right end)
Direct URL

 02. Reports available :
Presently the following reports are available.

1 McCamish – Holiday & Sunday transactions

2 McCamish – Cancelled transactions

3 McCamish – Mobile Number not available

4 Reconciliation of Bulk upload transactions

5 RICT – Detailed monthly transactions

6 RICT – BOs not done any transactions

7 RICT – PLI Apps installed

03. As per the orders contained in GM Operations, PLI Dte Memo No : 29-34/2012-LI (Vol.II) dated 16/07/2019, Reconciliation of Bulk CSV Upload transactions Report uploaded in 2 templates. Admin Offices can check the Uploads by CPCs and posted in McCamish.

04. CEPT is working on it to derive various common templates which are suitable to field. Circles are requested to share report template with frequency so as to  design and host.

 05. Circles are requested to spread this mail to all POs.

06. Feedback & Comments are solicited for betterment. 

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