Tool for accounting and comparing 26Q TDS with SAP and Finacle Figures (For CSI-CBS Head Offices)

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This tool is a single user portable application. It does not use
SQL Server for storing data. It uses SQLite3, a portable database
solution, which will be stored inside the computer in which TDS Monk
Keep taking backups on daily basis, in case something went wrong with your computer.
There is an option for that in the tools menu.
TDS Monk will do automatic backups one in a week, in case, you forgot, as a failsafe.

There is a lot of cool features added in the Tools menu. Please check them out. Everything is made as simple as possible and self explanatory.


MS Office Excel (Open Office is not compatible)
.Net Framework 4.5 (Recommended .Net Version 4.5.2)

Thanks to Shri. Sooraj KS (

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