Payment of Training Allowance at Training establishments


  1. I am directed to convey permission of Competent Authority for payment of Training Allowance to all “faculties” of Training establishments within Department of Posts including Regional Training Centres, at rates notified by DOP&T from time to time. Instructions contained in DoP&T OM No.13024/01/2016-Trg Ref dated 24.10.2017 and clarification dated 12-11-2018 may be referred to in this regard.
  2. Payment of this allowance will be subject to condition that the faculty, who joins the training academies/institutes/establishments for imparting training for a specified period of time, is likely to go back. Further, Training allowance will not be admissible to those permanent faculties of training academies/institutes/establishments, who have been recruited directly by the training academies/ institutes/establishments for imparting training.
training allowance

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