Instructions regarding Rotational Transfer – Post Tenure 3 years and Station Tenure 6 years


Instructions regarding Rotational Transfer Directorate No.X-12/1/2019-SPN-II

Subject: Instructions regarding Rotational transfer. 
1. I am directed to refer to transfer policy guidelines for regulating transfer of Group C, Group B(non-gazetted) and Assistant Superintendent of posts issued vide Directorate’s communication no. 141-141/2013-SPN-II dated 17.012019. As per para 5 (i) if Ibid communication, Post tenure of an employee shall be 3 years and station tenure shall be 6 years. However, an employee may be transferred before completion of post /station tenure on administrative grounds for reasons to be recorded in writing by an authority who is superior to the authority competent to order such transfer. The Authority Competent to approve the rotational transfer in normal course will initiate the proposal With proper justification for approval of the Superior Authority. 
2. Various references have been received from service Unions/Associations requesting to exempt RMS officials from the provision of 6 years of Station tenure. matter has been examined and found that most of the posts in RMS held by Group C officials are non sensitive posts- Therefore, it has been decided to exempt. Group ‘C’ RMS officials from the provision of 6 years of station tenure. However, provision of post tenure of 3 years will continue to be in force.
rotational transfer rules

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