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Instructions to Sub Offices for smooth functioning and avoid Objections

   This is regarding omissions and mistakes occurred in SB transaction and the reason for raising OMs brought to your notice for future guidance and to avoid such mistakes in future.  All are requested to pay an additional effort to minimize these mistakes and reduce the number of OMs.
1.    The vouchers should be arranged by the transaction ID wise, stitched and sealedintact.
2.    Separate consolidations for SO i.e. BRN and BO i.e. SDP should be forwarded along with the vouchers.   Total Deposit amount,Withdrawals amount, etc should be written manually on the consolidation for each category along with the No.of transactions.
3.    Closure vouchers (SB – 7A) should invariably attach with SB-3 card and KYC documents.
4.    The Account number, Amount and Transaction date should not be overwritten on the Vouchers
5.    In respect of withdrawals allowed at Sub Office, compulsorily the SS should be verified by the SB counter PA irrespective of the amount.  When the amount exceeds Rs.5000/-, SPM also should verify and put his initial in the appropriate place in token of having verified.
6.    Date stamps should be impressed legibly in the SB3 cards, LOTs and vouchers.
7.    When the amount of  withdrawal exceeds Rs.20,000/-,  payment should  be effected only by cheque  or by giving credit in Savings account of the depositor,  where the Cheque   Number or SB A/C Number should be noted in the acquaintance portion of the SB-7/SB-7(a).
8.    For transactions exceeding Rs.10,00,000 for all categories and above the source of income is to be obtained and kept in SO guard file, with the remark in the voucher “SOURCE OF INCOME OBTAINED” AND SIGNED BY THE SPM WITH SEAL to avoid IR paras.
9.    In respect of AT transactions for various categories (MIS, 1 YR TD, 2 YR TD, 3 YR TD, 5 YR TD, SCSS), the print out of the AT list generated in Finacle for each category should be kept along with the consolidation and a separate voucher for the AT amount duly signed by the SPM should be kept in the voucher bundle.
10.  Any corrections in the consolidation must be supported by an Error Entry copy.
11.  Normally Messenger service is not allowed for all Closure. (Dte Order No 15/2010). When it is specifically required, the Payment should be made to the messenger only through account payee cheque drawn in favour of the depositor, after receiving the letter of authorization from the depositor.
12.  Necessary certificate should be obtained both on the application and payment order side, while making payment made to illiterate depositor Witness should be obtained with full address.
13.  When the deposit/withdrawal exceeds Rs.50, 000/-, PAN particulars/form-60/form-61 to be obtained.
14.  PAN number to be mentioned in the deposit form and same to be updated in concerned depositor CIF
15.  If the Revised SB3 card prepared for any closures , the  PA / SPM / APM should put their signature in the SB3 card after adding the word “KYC documents verified and attached” with Copy of ID proof which is self-attested by the Customer. All the supporting documents must have the date stamp in it.

It is requested to follow the above instructions, besides the rules and instructions issued by the Department then and there. It is to be noted that, the rules framed and instruction issued by the department will supersede the above instruction and always hold good.

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