CSI में अगर कोई छुट्टी पर जाये तो उसकी जगह किसको लगाया जाये और कैसे लगाया जाये।

leave arrange

The procedure for maintaining the substitute is as below:

The official has to go to his Business Workplace, and go to below path.

Settings >Workflow Settings > Maintain substitute
  • Then a separate window will open which displays the name of the official. Click on the name of the official and click on the maintain substitute icon at the bottom of the window.
  • Clicking on the icon will open a new window, where you can give the employee ID of the substitute and search. Enter the employee ID of the substitute and click “Enter”
  • This will display the name of the substitute. Then double click on the substitute’s name.
  • This will display the window where we can enter the start and end date of substitution for the official. After entering those details, check the “Substitution Active” checkbox and click on “Save”.
  • Now the substitution is active. Close the window by clicking “Enter” icon

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