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Noting & Drafting
S.No. Contents Page No.
I Noting 3-8
II Arrangement of Paper in a Case 9
III Referencing 10-11
IV Drafting 12-17
V Style in Notes & Drafts 18-23
VI Forms of Communication (Specimen Forms of Communication) (Composition of Gazette of India and Instructions…)(Filing of Papers) 24-41                                   
Definition of Note
Note are written remarks recorded on a paper under consideration to facilitate its disposal.
It should consist of a précis or previous paper, the statement of analysis of the question of questions requiring decision, suggestions regarding the course of action and final orders passed thereon.
A note recorded by a minister, the prime minister, the vice-president or the president should be referred to as a ‘Minute’
The name, designation and , where necessary , the telephone  number o the officer signing a note should invariable be typed or stamped with a rubber stamp below the signature which should be dated . In recording the date, the month and the year should also be indicated.
Guideline on Noting
(a)  All notes should be concise and to the point. Excessive noting should be avoided.
(b)  Notes and orders should normally be recorded on note –sheets.
(c)  Notes should not be recorded on the receipt itself except in very routine matters.
(d)  ‘Docketing’ means making of entries in the notes portion of a file  about the serial number assigned to each item of correspondence( whether recei9pt or issue) for its identification. After Docketing, if the branch officer or any higher officer has made any  remark on the receipt, it should be  reproduced in the manner indicated below and then the note should follow.

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