Guidelines for Post Roll Out issues

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Please follow
a) Best Practices document v 1.2
b) S.O.P documents

BOD Issues

I) Ensure that MDC has been done for the B.O. Check the MDC status and in case it is incorrect , uninstall and install the DARPAN CSI APP with Versions as follows :
a. SDP Version –
b. DM Client –
c. Firmware – 01.17
d. M-Connect –,
e. Common APP –
f. Booking APP -
g. Delivery APP –
II) Post confirmation from CSI team on “Go-Live” perform following operation:
a. Switch On Device
b. Click on Demo Booking Application and Wait for 30-60 Mins. For file synchronization to happen
c. Perform B.O.D
d. After successful B.O.D , perform E.O.D
c) If BOD does not happen as per point, please consolidate all such cases at Region / Circle level and share it with . Format is as follows :
a. BO ID
b. BO Name
c. Division Name
d. Error Description
e. CSI Team remarks ( To be Filled by CSI support team)
f. Status
Based on the data above, CSI team will re-push the data and mention the same in column (e)
d) Follow the CSI Team remarks column, perform step (b), and update the “Status” column in the sheet.
e) If B.O.D still does not happen, get the device checked for any Hardware or SIM issue. Get the device or SIM replaced, install all the Apps and confirm the same to CSI team in the “Status” column (as mentioned in step ©). CSI team will act accordingly
BAG Issues
a) Follow the Bag Closure and Bag open steps , as per S.O.P document
b) Ensure BO Slip is generated at the time of Bag closure in A.O/S.O. This is mandatory.
c) In case cash is part of the Bag, invoice cash document in BO Slip and Cash document should be
of current date
d) For “No Data Found” issue during bag open:
a. Post bag closed at A.O, click on DELAPPS application
b. Keep device on for at least 45 mins. Don’t switch off or power off the device
c. Go to DELAPPS and perform Bag Opening. It should work
d. Perform EOD on the same date
e) If issue does not resolve , provide the data for all such issues at region level , in following format:
a. BO ID
b. BO Slip #
d. BAG Closure Date
e. Issue Description
f. CSI Team remarks ( To be Filled by CSI support team)
g. Status
EOD issues

For EOD issues due to emo Returns

a) Go to DELAPP Navigation
b) Select Cash Pending status
c) Click on “Check Cash”
d) Select Category e-MO, Articles with Return remarks already taken will be available
e) Scan the e-MO until the amount in question is tallied
f) Go Back and click on Invoice and take Returns
g) Go to Cash From GDSMD
h) Click “Submit”
i) Check for Zero in accounts under Navigation
j) Perform EOD

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