eMO – Frequently asked questions [SAP Module]

eMO – Frequently asked questions

1. How to find the unpaid eMOs available at any office?

Enter zemo_unpaid- ->enter the facility id- ->Any date range of 30 days can be entered- ->execute.

2. Can we see the unpaid emos at any of the office?


3. When the remitter complaints at the booking office about non receipt of money order by the payee, what are the checks to be done by the booking office?

Booking office should track the emo events in zmoipvs / indiapost tracking. If the emo is shown as
received at a particular post office, then the availability/status(printed/invoiced/onhold etc) of that
eMO can be confirmed with the unpaid eMO report of the destination office (zemo_unpaid- ->select
the facility id of that destination office- ->select the date of receipt (as per track and trace). The office
should be instructed to further process the Emo.

4. What is the action to be performed by the destination office for any eMO complaints?

  • Initially, eMO to be tracked in IPVS/Indiapost tracking. Further, the destination office should check the eMO in the eMO unpaid report (zemo_unpaid) selecting the received date (as per track and trace).
  • The status of the eMO at the destination office will be shown in the report.
  • Further login to the dpms application- ->eMO view/update option- ->enter the received date in the from date and to date range- -> press enter. To find the particular eMO, click find option and enter the
  • eMO number and click ok in the page displayed. The eMO details will be displayed.
  • Alternatively, the availability of the eMO can be checked in window delivery option also.

5. What are the checks to be done by the postmaster before EOD for ensuring VPMO is booked for the VP articles delivered?

  • Before EOD, the daily account should be checked. If VP is delivered and VPMO is not booked, then only a single entry in the receipt side as “Value Payable Post clearing account” will be available. If VPMO is booked, then 3 entries viz “Receipt side: Value Payable Post clearing account, eMO issue /commission and Payment side: Value Payable Post clearing account” would be available in the daily account.
  • So, if only one entry (VP clearing account) is available in the receipt side, then postmaster should ensure to book the VPMO for VP delivered. This activity is important as the VPMO has to be booked
  • on the same day of VP article delivery. System will not allow booking of VPMO on a later date. Further before EOD, the supervisor has to confirm booking of VPMOs for all VP articles delivered on the day by viewing VPMO Booking Report.

6. If redirected eMO is available in unpaid eMO report of the redirecting office and not available in view/update screen of the destination office, what is the action to be taken by the redirecting office? i.e The redirected/RTS emo has not reached the destination post office.

This happens when the approval of the supervisor is pending (not done) for the redirected eMO. The
  • supervisor should approve the redirection.

7. What is the date range to be entered for viewing RTS eMO?

The received date as shown in the unpaid eMO report should be entered in the from date range for viewing the RTS eMO.

8. An emo is appearing in the unpaid emo report but not available for printing/invoicing to postman. What is the further course of action?

The date range in the view/update screen needs to be selected correctly. The received date shown in
the unpaidemo report for that emo should be entered in the date range selection of view/update screen.

9. If the eMO is destined for non csi office and shown as picked by payment office, what is the action to be done by the non csi office?

It means the eMO is already received at the destination. It can be verified in the ENQUIRY option in
the eMO module. It should come for printing and disposal. If the eMO is not available in enquiry option, please contact CEPT, Mysore with eMO client folder.

10. If the eMO is shown as received at data centre and not received by the non csi office, what is the procedure?

  • From the divisional login, request resend option to be executed.
  • FAQ for Redirection of eMOs done through the option “REDIRECTION” under EMO MAILS INDIVIDUAL MENU IN DPMS :

11. QUESTION : The Emos which have already been redirected are still appearing in the list of unpaid emos shown by zemo_unpaid. How to clear such emos?

Answer: Whenever an emo is redirected using the option “REDIRECTION” under EMO MAILS INDIVIDUAL Menu, supervisor approval is mandatory. If the supervisor approval is not done, the emo will not be available in the origin office and the redirected office. It would be available in the supervisor approval screen. Once the Emos are approved, it would not appear in the list of unpaid emos shown by zemo_unpaid.

12. QUESTION: What are to the steps to be followed to complete the supervisor approval for redirected emo?

Step 1: In DPMS, click the menu “Supervisor Approval-Redirected and Returned eMOs” and select
“Redirect” option and press enter. EMOs pending for approval will be displayed. 
eMO – Frequently asked questions

eMO – Frequently asked questions

eMO – Frequently asked questions
If all the above procedures have been executed, eMO is still not available for processing, a ticket can
be raised in the service desk and for further queries 
dpms.cept@indiapost.gov.in can be contacted. 

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